Friday, June 21, 2013

Moving day!

Who knew it would come so quickly? But here we go - northward bound. Two cars, 4 kids, 2 cats and a dog. Should be a relaxing afternoon and evening. BAHAHAHA! Of course I'm kidding. But honestly it shouldn't be too bad. No rush to get there. Especially with Michael driving the van hauling a UHaul - yes we are equal opportunity movers - Penske for the first part of the move - UHaul for today.

I am so proud of myself for the few tears that I have personally shed. I will so miss my Florida friends but I honestly believe these are friendships, not unlike my high school friendships, that will stand the tests of time and distance. The friends we have made here will never be out of our lives. We will make plans to get our families together and continue to celebrate milestones in each others lives. I believe that is what is truly helping ease the departure. That and as my dear friend Pam says, "See you in heaven!" True Pam, but hopefully we will be together MANY more times this side of eternity. :)

My only significant tears thus far have been watching R say her farewell to her friend after their beach vacation last weekend. Though I know I have the means and skills to see my friends whenever I want my heart does ache to know that Facetime will become the primary means of communication for these sweet girls to maintain their friendship. Not that it isn't already a large part of their friendship - trips to the mall and sleepovers will be missing from their times together.

I'm actually writing this Thursday night, we just have to pick up R from camp tomorrow and head north. I spoke with R today and she has had a fabulous week, as we knew she would. She said they've learned about sharing their testimonies, had a session on "change" - how timely for her. She said that was very helpful. I love how my kids come home from camp "filled-up." Youth camp with our church is a highly emotional event. The kids and the staff develop bonds that are significant. It is always sad to say "Goodbye - I'll see you Sunday" when the kids get off the bus. So the challenge of "Goodbye - I'll see you in heaven" will likely be overwhelming for R & her friends after a week at camp. Nothing will make me cry faster than seeing someone I care about cry.

I too will have friends picking up their middle schoolers tomorrow. I will be sporting my prescription sunglasses because it will be a long sunny drive to the new house - not at all to hide my red teary eyes as I hug my friends goodbye and watch R part with her friends.

Update - campers are arriving an hour late to church - one more hour to soak in the hot Florida sunshine. :) Prayers for a safe journey are much appreciated.

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