Saturday, June 8, 2013

Pretty Yellow Penske Truck

So we are taking rather a unique approach to moving this time around. Because this is an independent move that Michael's company supports but has not required, we are paying for our own move. This means my dear hubby drove this baby to the new house. 

As large as this pretty yellow Penske truck is it didn't hold all our stuff. So we will be transporting the rest of our "stuff" at a later date. 
Also moving to the new home at a later date... the people. :)

Uprooting your children is no easy decision. Having two of said children graduate high school and start a new phase in their life made it easier for them than most as all of their friends are headed in different directions. Having a newly adopted son who has been home schooled for the past year while challenging on an entirely different level is doable and lots of long talks about how a family stays together and so on and so forth seems to be covering things with him. However a preteen on the verge of her 13th birthday leaving behind 7 years of important friendships from church and school - not so easy. I think of myself at her age and I know I would have thrown a  couple of multiple full on tantrums about how my parents were ruining my life. She has not done this and is really trying to put on a brave face. It is for her that we are staying on in Florida an extra two weeks. She has beach vacation plans with a friend this week and next week is church camp for middle schoolers. As patient as we are all trying to be with one another we have told her that upon arriving at church from camp we will meet her there and travel directly to the new house. She did ask if we could spend just one more night in the Florida house. By that point we will have said so many "farewells" that I don't think my heart could take one more night. Not to mention that on that pretty yellow Penske truck are all of our beds, box springs and mattresses. So one more night on an air mattress and two weeks of dirty laundry - the washer & the dryer also made the trip on the pretty yellow Penske truck. 

Yes we will be driving straight from church to the new home.

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