Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Where to start?

Oopsie - I completely forgot I started this post months ago - might as well post it.

Renovating an entire house is a huge undertaking. When everything needs updating where do you start? We need to update the HVAC systems, fix up the back porch to make it safe and functional and the list of practical - not fun but necessary repairs continues.

At this point a punch list would be overwhelmingly long. So let's start with one of the rooms where we know what we want to do. The mudroom and laundry room. Okay, so technically that is two rooms. The mudroom will serve as our main family entrance so it makes sense to me that we want to like what we see as we leave and arrive at home.

It is like opening a time capsule.... here is the 1979 laundry room...

Itty Bitty fuse box needs to be replaced, we assume the flooring and paneling are original - I'm anxious to take off that paneling above the brick to see if there is more brick. The floors in both rooms will be brick tile laid in a herringbone pattern. We have already purchased the brick and it is waiting at the house. Installing said brick tile in said herringbone pattern will be a DDIY project.

If there is one thing this house has lots of it is storage - which will be another change from the Florida homes we have lived in. Here Michael is looking into storage in the mudroom - the entire length of the room has storage that goes on forever (only a slight exageration.) 

All of these shelves will be removed and the wall where the shelves once were will become a chalkboard wall. Yes I know some will think chalkboard walls are a trend that are on their way out - but I love the idea and I think it will be a fun whimsical way to personalize our mudroom. See that not so little eyesore to the right of the windows? It is a propane heater and the only source of heat in the mudroom. We will be having heat vents in these rooms as part of the HVAC update. 

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